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Jerry Duran
Maury Chase
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Dennis Behan
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Larry Lankford
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Don Roberson
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Homero Menchaca

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Well, since 4 months have went by since my last update, I figured it was time to get some new material.

The State Convention has been over for almost two months and I think it was a rousing success. As a union, we cleared somewhere between $500 and $600, and could have probably done better, however it was first convention in Pendleton in a long time and despite some 'situations' that arose in putting it together, we wanted to make it as good as possible.

We knew we had the money to spend, so we paid extra for nice centerpieces for the banquet and numerous other little things here and there that added up, otherwise we probably would have cleared over $1000. I want to thank all the delegates that came and I hope they enjoyed themselves. I want to thank the local merchants that helped us with our advertising and door prizes.

I also want to thank the Executive Board members for helping me so much put last minute things together, and for answering all my questions along the way. Especially Paula Clack and Linda Smith. Steve Deveraux, Jerry Fitzsimmons, and Dave Loprinzi, thank you all. Nancy Crossan, I appreciate your help too, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone that aided me, but I forgot my cheatsheet.

      Our food drive was a great success this year, as between Pendleton, Hermiston, and Milton-Freewater, we brought in almost 15,000 pounds of food. 4,000 more pounds than last year. Thanks to all the people that donated and thanks to all the carriers and clerks and local food banks that assisted in making this possible.

    I'll try to keep this a little more updated,but you have to understand there is so much going on in this area, ok, well, I have other things to do.

    Before signing off, I want to congratulate Jim Frye, our webpage designer, on his transfer to Salem. Wow, only 2 years of waiting for the grievance to be resolved, and they say this DRT thing doesn't work.    

          Until next time,

Kevin McKinstry
Round Up Branch 909, NALC

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